File Set Up Sheet.

To get the best results we prefer files from Adobe CS6 applications, including Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign formats. PDFs can be accepted but are not preferred.

Signage Programmes – If you are working in a signage program please re size to 10% of actual size and export as an AI and EPS file (please send both). Please include any photographic elements as separate files.

Resolution and Scale Please work at 10% of actual size, (try working out what 25% of 7589mm is, without a calculator!) at 300-500 dpi, Photoshop files should be saved as .eps .tiff or .psd. For very large spectacular sites 200 dpi at 10% is sufficient. For prints smaller than 6x3m, 500dpi is best.

For retail and small poster / banner type work (actual size less than 3m2) please work at 100% to a resolution of 120dpi.

Bleed – Most standard billboard sizes (6x3m, 12x3m) should have 50mm of bleed on all sides at actual size. For other sizes and applications please check bleeds etc with your account manager

for example: a 6 x 3m billboard would be setup on a 600 x 300mm page size, the total size including bleed would be 610 x 310mm.

Fonts – Please convert all text to outlines, this eliminates any font problems. (If you require us to edit text you will need to supply us with all fonts used for the job)

Colour – Where possible please supply us with a colour approved proof to match to, and clearly mark any pantone colours required for the job.

Turn off all overprints, they are not relevant for our process. Do not embed linked files in your layout, this makes it difficult to colour manage your artwork,

please supply all links as separate files.

Please supply artwork on CD, DVD, by email or FTP (please notify your account manager if sending by email or if you need FTP details).

If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to call us.

Ben Vogt
ph: 09 360 8422